new media design agency

When you need to make an impression on your clients, you need a media agency that is on the cutting edge of immersive, interactive content. Someone who isn’t afraid to test boundaries and push the limits beyond ‘possible’. Someone who can put the most powerful design tools at your command.

Sparked in the wave of the new millennium, KickWave specializes in bringing the highest concepts of web design-art to your site. We have a special passion for art in technology and a unique way of looking at the web. We like to give our visitors an experience where they walk away with new way of looking at color, flow, and the sheer power of a good design.

KickWave is ever-evolving.

We stay ahead with the absolute newest methods and design technologies in order to construct striking web presences that hold users’ interest and are easy to use. Why? Because we love it. It is passion that drives us, and in the end, it is passion that makes all the difference.

Georgia South East Coast

Our artists have the creative capacity to see eye-to-eye with you on your project, and the drive to make your passion their own. If you have a specific vision for your site, we can make it into reality – right down to the last pixel. With the latest design tools at our disposal, we can make it happen. Schedule a consultation to discuss your vision in detail with one of our artists, and experience the rush of possibility.

If, on the other hand, you have a goal for your site but aren’t quite sure about how you’ll get there, that’s no problem. We can open your eyes to the infinite variety of design possibilities that can guide your site to its full potential. With long and varied experience in the web design industry, we have first-hand experience in knowing what works.

Who are we?

KickWave is a diverse group of like-minded artists and designers that share the same passion for innovative web artistry. With a huge base of skills and design philosophies to call on, we are fully capable of taking on projects large or small, simple or complex.

KickWave’s design philosophy has long been influenced by the striking beauty of island life. Rolling waves, beautiful white-sand beaches, and lush green flora have become our design firm’s hallmark imagery, and any visitor to the site will quickly find themselves immersed in this theme.

Whatever your vision may be, we can bring it to life with equal gusto.

KickWave is partnered with Atlanta Media Solutions.

Why choose us?

We are in the business of exceeding expectations and work with you through all steps of the design process, helping you create a true presence of your vision.

One size never fits all. Customers choose us for our personalized service, which is customized to fit each individual’s needs. We provide only the best, because your project deserves it and our ethic demands it.

Our unique vision and superior design skill gives us the ability to tackle any project. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your project, and answer any questions you have.